Can you help me find a particular product?

Cobden Tools and Trailers stock a unique range of automotive tools and workshop equipment. We are more than happy to help our customers find specific products. Many customers will come to us as they know we stock tools that larger retailers don’t. Please contact Cobden Tools and Trailers with your enquiry, chances are we might have what you want in stock. If not, we are happy to track it down. We have helped customers from all over the Western District of Victoria including Portland, Hamilton, Colac, Camperdown, Terang, Port Campbell, Apollo Bay, Lorne, Lavers Hill, Lismore and Warrnambool.

What is the advantage in choosing a galvanised trailer over a powder coated trailer?

Galvanised trailers have a longer life and a higher resale value than powder coated trailers as they don’t chip, rust or corrode.

What is a tandem trailer or tandem axle trailer?

A trailer with two axles, one behind the other, is a tandem trailer.

What are the benefits of a tandem trailer?

When compared with a single axle trailer, a tandem axle trailer travels in a straight line more easily. It also absorbs more shocks, so produces less bounce keeping cargo more secure. The second axle also makes the trailer more stable, durable and strong. Tandem trailers can carry heavier loads than single axle trailers.

What are the drawbacks of a tandem trailer?

Tandem trailers tend to be harder to manoeuvre than a single axle and their turning radius is limited. They are usually more expensive to buy than single-axle trailers and require four tyres instead of two. The second axle also adds extra weight so requires a powerful vehicle to pull the trailer.

Do you stock enclosed motorbike trailers?

At Cobden Tools and Trailers our standard motorbike trailers are open. Howeverwe custom build trailers to your requirements so we can design and manufacture a single axel or tandem enclosed motorbike trailer.

Why choose a cage trailer?

A box trailer with a cage is useful. It can hold heavy, tall loads with ease, as well as providing protection for your cargo. A cage usually allows you to carry more things.

How do I ensure my trailer is in good condition?

Cobden Tools and Trailers specialise in trailer repairs and stock a huge range of trailer spare parts. We recommend that all trailer owners check and maintain their trailer regularly. For general maintenance, some things to consider are:
  • The tyres are inflated and are roadworthy.
  • Check the wheel bearings at least every 6 months and have them replaced or re-greased when required.
  • Check the lights – brake; turning indicators and tail lights – are all functioning.  This needs to be done EVERY time you tow your trailer.
  • Check the tailgate hinges and locks are secure and functioning.
  • Check the safety chain is not rusted and the shackle bolt is secure.
  • Check the axle springs are not rusted.

What are the advantages of LED lights for trailers?

The trailer industry is embracing LED lighting technology, as it is a more reliable and cost effective method of illuminating trailers. LED lights have several advantages over traditional incandescent lights. LED lights require less amperage to operate, stay cool to the touch even when in use, last a lot longer than traditional blubs, are brighter and can be seen clearly during daylight hours. This is a major advantage as they can be seen from greater distances. All trailers sold by Cobden Tools and Trailers have LED lights and we stock replacement lights.