Cobden Tools and Trailers manufactures a wide range of trailers.

We have single-axle and tandem box trailers, cage trailers, tool box trailers, stock crates, all terrain vehicle (ATV) trailers and motorbike trailers. Cobden Tools and Trailers also design and manufacture custom-built trailers to suit specific customer needs. Please contact us for a quote.

ATV Trailers

We manufacture single-axle ATV trailers as well as eight by five feet tandem-axle trailers.  Our ATV trailers come with LED lights and proper ATV wheels. Due to their sturdy rugged construction our ATV trailers are ideal for off-road applications such as hauling camping equipment or collecting firewood as well as farming uses like carrying stock...

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Box Trailers

At Cobden Tools and Trailers our single-axle or tandem-axle box trailers are available in several different sizes. Our painted or galvanised box trailers come with jockey wheel and LED lights. We have a number of options for new box trailers including an extended draw bar which allows for easier manoeuvring of the trailer and increased...

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Tool Box Trailers

They are ideal for most tradesmen who transport tools and equipment to various working locations including builders, electricians, plumbers and landscapers. A tool trailer from Cobden Tools and Trailers is ideal as our standard trailers are equipped with ladder racks allowing you to carry ladders or lengths of timber and pipe, a jockey wheel, an...

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Stock Crates

Our stock trailers are designed to transport animals. They are ideal for farmers needing to move a small number of livestock like sheep, cattle or pigs. Stock crate trailers from Cobden Tools and Trailers can be used to take show dogs to competitions or to move a mobile farm from venue to venue. Our tandem...

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Custom-Built Trailers

We have experience in the design and manufacture of unique custom-built galvanised trailers. We can build fully enclosed trailers ideal to transport furniture and other items you don’t want exposed to the elements or are valuable so need to be in a locked trailer. We can also make trailers specifically designed to carry particular equipment...

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Cage Trailers

A cage significantly increases the carrying capacity of a trailer and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Cage trailers are ideal for homeowners as they can be used to move numerous things such as camping equipment, furniture, bikes or rubbish. The cage makes it easier to secure the load being carried and they...

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Motorbike Trailers

There a several great reasons why a motorbike trailer is a great investment for motorbike riders. A trailer can expand the places you go to ride your off road bike. When riders transport bikes on trailers, it reduces the risk of something going wrong with the bike on the way to the riding destination, reduces...

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