Custom-Built Trailers

Cobden Tools and Trailers specialise in custom built trailers made to your specifications to suit your needs.

We have experience in the design and manufacture of unique custom-built galvanised trailers. We can build fully enclosed trailers ideal to transport furniture and other items you don't want exposed to the elements or are valuable so need to be in a locked trailer. We can also make trailers specifically designed to carry particular equipment like bobcats and excavators, recreational items such as canoes, or even water tanks. At Cobden Tools and Trailers we can custom build tool trailers and fit them out to your specifications with internal shelving, partitions or racks. We can also custom build box or ATV trailers if you require larger than our standard dimensions or additional features such as a lockable box or cage. At Cobden Tools and Trailers we have motorbike trailers and stock crates but can custom build these to your specific requirements if necessary. Please contact us for more information about a custom built trailer.